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What took you so long to get here? Glad you made it. The FlashJester is waiting - ever so
patiently - to start the show. Welcome to the place with the biggest and best collection of
products to transform your Flash experience. All FlashJester products are. . .

  • Ready to run - no additional software or

    Flash Plugins

      are required
  • Custom to you - your creations will be free of FlashJester branding
  • Compatible - all FlashJester products support Flash 3/4/5/MX/MX 2004/8 & Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP

Now it's time to check out FlashJester's bag of tricks, so get ready to unleash the power of Flash! Free evaluation copies of the FlashJester tools are now available for download. Once you get FlashJester tools in your hands, you won't want to let them go! Each evaluation copy is valid for 30 days after the download, so you can try it before you buy it. And we know you will want too! When you're ready to buy the software license, complete the ordering info on the website and we'll send you the key to unlock the software.

New !!!
Flash Handout Flash Handout: Your Flash to PDF converter Flash Handout is the first tool to convert your Flash SWFs and FLAs to PDFs. It's the only all-in-one solution, plus its easy-to-use wizard format means you're ready to get to work ASAP

Jugglor v3.0 Jugglor v3.0: Flash Juggling gets Boost with Dual-Engine and More!
Step right up because the astonishing new Jugglor version 3.0 is ready to turn your Flash files into stand-alone programs that amaze, entertain and deliver an ever so important professional edge. There's no need for multiple programs to keep the show going, because Jugglor provides you with the tools you need to make the most of Projector files and now SWF files, too!

SlickTV Slick TV Studio: Create Custom Multimedia Apps and Players with New Slick TV Studio. SlickTV Studio is the new, one-of-a-kind development tool for creating custom multimedia applications that connect the Internet and desktop for online and offline user experiences. With Slick TV Studio, you can forge a slick, new communication channel and gain a coveted desktop position for marketing, employee or customer relations, e-commerce, entertainment and more

Creator Creator: Your Ultimate Screen Saver Creation Tool
Experience the most complete Flash screen saver creator with loads of cool features you won't find anywhere else. All you need is a Projector file and Creator will do the rest: amazing animation, blistering sound and interaction with a customized setup box and screen saver install program. Creator is the full package with no plugins required!

Entertainor Entertainor: Your Projector Screen Saver Player
Take your Projector files and play them as screen savers with Entertainor. Control sound, interaction and even the ability to play a midi file. It's great for business presentations AND home entertainment.


JTools: Your Supporting Cast for Projectors
JStart v2.0 JStart v2.0: Your Exec Command Enhancer
Take the power of the Exec command to its full potential, allowing the execution of programmes, parameters and the opening of files with their default editors or programmes.

JCD JCD: Your CD Player
JProWeb lets you create and control a Flash CD player. Now the data and audio on your multimedia CD-ROM will be in sync and the user won't have to manually operate the CD player.

JSystem: Your File & Folder Commander
JSystem lets you add extensions and commands to Flash that are not currently available in Actionscript.

JProWeb JProWeb: Your Browser Controller
JProWeb lets you take charge of browser windows in your Projectors. Now you can open browser windows without a toolbar and control the size of the window. It works just like the Javascript command Window Open.

JAvi JAvi: Your Custom Avi Player
Launch and play AVI files with the JAvi custom player. With a variety of settings, you control the way it looks and plays. Features include looping, close when finished, size of AVI, sound on/off and more.

JEmail JEmail: Your FREE E-mail Agent
JEmail provides a powerful solution that works on ALL Window operating systems (unlike GetURL) and the latest Flash files. Now you can send Projector files to clients and ensure they can send you feedback by e-mail. No problem!

JMapi JMapi: Your E-mail Extender
JMAPI takes you beyond the capabilities of JEmail to create mail-enabled applications. Now you can launch the end users e-mail client in the Projector file. JMAPI is compatible with all major e-mail clients -- Outlook, Outlook Express, Lotus Notes, Eudora and Netscape Mail, giving you more control than ever before.

JMovie JMovie: Your Movie Projector JTool
Grab some popcorn and dim the lights because the movie is about to start. No ticket for the cinema because the action is happening on your computer. Introducing for your viewing pleasure ...JMovie.

JNet Check JNet Check: Your Connection Checker
Use JNetCheck to easily find out if the file user is online with one simple command. JNetCheck displays the connection status in a text file which you can load into Flash as variable.

JPrintor JPrintor: Your Projector Printor
Create printouts of the Flash screen. Choose to print out the full screen or just part of it by defining the area at design time using JSelector, a free JTool included with JPrintor.

JSave JSave: Save text file using

flash projector

Save text entered in your Flash file to a text file. Now you can save user options, save text in Flash offline and users can insert their names to be recalled for future launches of the Flash file.

JShapor JShapor: Your "Get Out of the Box" JTool
Combine the powers of JShapor with Jugglor 1.1b and you'll be on your way to creating custom shaped and sized Projector files in minutes. Use a bitmap to define the exact shape.

JWeb JWeb: Your FREE Web Link Wonder
Create web links from your Flash Projector It prevents lost options, non-functioning links from the GetURL command and loading up different browser windows for each weblink.

Woof Woof: Your Faithful Companion to Fetch Flash
Browse the web and save Flash sites with confidence. Ever download a cool flash-filled site only to find out later that the site didn't stay after you closed your browser? Before Woof, offline viewing was impossible. Now Flash can be trained to sit...stay... and be saved. Meet Woof, your faithful companion for Flash retrieval.
Flash Projector
Flash Projector
Flash Projector
Flash Projector
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HandY Interactive is a downloadable games developer. We specialize in creating small games for the downloadable market. While working on an in-house game engine, we began using flash as a way to prototype out games. Our goal is to create games that work with more than match three concepts that are extremely fun and addicting.
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