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What's happening on the JTools scene?
Accolades abound for the best supporting cast that's pumping up Projector file performance on screens around the world. If you haven't experienced this class act, you better check it out because your Projector files are missing out. So what are the fans saying? Read on!

Richard Cady

This is Richard. I called you this morning regarding a problem linking PDF files using JStart. I just wanted to say "Thank You." Your solution of duplicating the INI and EXE files, renaming them, and editing the code in Notepad worked perfectly. Thanks again, Richard

Mark Evans

Hi .......FANTASTIC - thanks to your swift advice and examples, I got it working and it ALL works a treat. The client is going to be SOOOOO impressed with this :-) Many thanks again Mark

Travis Evans, President
Digital Energy Corporation

We use JAvi in our interactive interfaces to show technical animations. We have tried numerous ways and JAvi is the best (we are also looking into JMovie). The animations we create are quite large and we need to incorporate all of them onto one CD when we complete a project. With JAvi's feature that allows you to point to a specific frame, play and then stop at another frame we are able to use fewer .avi files and save a lot of space. It eliminates the redundancy to have an all-in-one .avi as well as individual .avis pertaining to the particular section of the project chosen from the menu. We simply have an all-in-one .avi and save half the space.

Jonathan Owen - Graphics & Visual Production
Hartman & Associates, Inc.

Just want to share with others how your J-Start program saved the day for me. This is my third year placing the conference proceedings for the Florida Water Resources Conference onto CD in a book form. I use quite a few programs to do this (Flash, Illustrator, Photo Shop, MS Word, Adobe Acrobat and a few others). Last year I decided to use a flash movie to open up the CD. I had previously used Astound and was surprised to find that Flash cannot open a PDF. I had to call Flash tech support and ended up writing a quick Director file to do this (with the help of their tech support). This year I thought, "No Problem. I will just give the new file the same name as the old one, put it in the same relative place and it will work." NOT! After finding I would need to pay for a tech support call to Director I got online and found J-Start. As mentioned, I already have Director, but don't really use it and comparing the "one-time" cost for tech support to the purchase of your program, I decided to "go with the the Jester". The learning curve was not too intimidating and the one email I sent with a question was answered quickly. Thank you for giving me a quick and functional answer to my dilema with J-Start. The Proceedings on CD was very well accepted and I have been asked to carry on with the project next year.

CLC Flash Online

Jtools encompass a variety of small helper applications that add functionality to your Projectors such as saving text info, printing (now also included in the newer Flash Players), .avi inclusion, and the 3 classics - JStart, JWeb, and JEmail. These products help add functionality to the Flash projector to do things that the creators of Flash didn't include.

Steve Hardacre

Firstly, thanks for your very quick response..... I really appreciate it. I was confident that there would be a method to take care of this problem... but the amount of re design I was facing if it could not be made to happen was daunting... hence my initial concern. It's a great little product and I wish I was aware of it a bit earlier on...... it would have saved me tons of work in the beginning of this project. Keep up the good work

Shawn Wyatt
Sigma Aldrich

Thanks for the new file....everything works now!!!! Your support and development team are awesome!!! The JMovie v1.2 solves this issue

Web Designer

PS-- JStart just saved my collateral CD Project from a costly switch to Director.


I just want to say after working on a project with JMovie, that I am really impressed with this product. It works very well. I love the control I have over videos in CD-ROM projects now that I have JMovie and Jugglor. Thanks for your excellent development, software, and service.

Geordie Pace
Fusion Design

I just wanted you to know that your software saved the day! We downloaded...and were able to resolve our problem...much to our and our client's delight. You guys rock! (as we Americans say.)

David Fullstone
Fullstone Communications

No problem got it through and it's working fine. Busy changing a few Flash movies that were using batch files. Bye the way your programs are very user friendly

Greg McCool
Mpact Design Studio

Thanks for writing back - I can't tell you what a HUGE relief it is to know how to finally work these tools. Your products are great! They are keeping us ahead of the competition in OKC. Next purchase - JNET!

Triple-D Design

"At last I can quit Hex-tricking my projector files to customize my work..." Hi everybody and congratulations for every "J" made so far!

Jason Bradley
Righteous Planet Design Studio

Thank you for taking care of our problem getting JTools from you. As you could probably tell from my e-mail, I was quite frustrated. However, I do understand technical problems and thank you for taking care of the problem as you could as well as the copy of Woof. This was a nice gesture of good will. As I said, I think you have a great product, and I hope that you can continue to work to make sure that problems like the one you had last week can be taken care of in a timely manner.

Mark Hensley
Kepware Inc.

Thanks for getting back to me. Yes I have everything I need. Thanks again for making your products it really makes using some of the best features of flash a lot easier and more professional. I was doing just what you say in your documentation, using batch files that would show a DOS box. It looked bad even if it worked Ok. The JTools and Juggler have allowed me to create a very professional looking CD front end for our products. Thanks again.

Leon Cych
School Teacher

This is great news, I am a primary school teacher in the UK who is developing educational apps in Flash. I needed something that would burn onto CD's as a good front end. I tried FlashJester for two days and I'm hooked. Keep up the good work. Our 8 - 11 year olds will send you the fruits of their labour at the end of the year!


I just wanted to thank you for your quick response. Coincidently, I was just at the Flashjester website, I think that Rick has helped me finalize my decision to make a purchase! (Got a PC tucked away here...)

Chris Masters
Freeserve Plc

Many thanks for your fast and professional fix to the problem we found using your Jugglor product. Working on a large-scale project was made so much easier by being able to produce our CD in this way. I will most definitely be promoting the use of the product in every CD I have to work on.

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MING Ticker - Matthew Sutton
MING Ticker - Matthew Sutton
This ticker takes advantage of the Ticker facility in Jugglor v2. It allows the ticker to stick and stretch to the top and bottom of the screen. Try it. MING Ticker is a two-part Flash module that uses an XML feed to build and update itself. Thanks to Matthew for allowing us to use his techniques.

Tools used - Jugglor v2 Pro

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Flash tools Thanks for the new file....everything works now!!!! Your support and development team are awesome!!! The JMovie v1.2 solves this issue Flash tools
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