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OK, Flash fans, it's time to get out of the box and transform the image of your Projector files. All you need is your imagination and a little help from your friends at FlashJester. With the powerful pairing of JShapor and Jugglor , you'll be on your way to creating custom Projector files in a matter of minutes. Size it. Shape it. Use a bitmap to define the exact shape. You're in control. Remember that to create custom files, JShapor needs to work in conjunction with Jugglor

Jugglor Pro or Standard comes FREE with JShapor.

JShapor & all FlashJester products support Flash 3/4/5/MX/MX 2004/8 & Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP

Create a custom sized and shaped projector file

printscreens jtools jshapor 1

Using JShapor's transparency tool, it is easy to select the part of the skin you wish to have transparent allowing you to shape the projector how you want.


printscreens jtools jshapor 2

Nerolac Demo
This little demo shows what can be achieved with JShapor and Flash.

download nerolac.exe

printscreens jtools jshapor 3

3rdEye Clock
A demo created by use to show off the use of Flash's scripting and JShapor combined.

Download 3rdeyeclock.exe

Flash Projector
Flash Projector
Flash Projector
Flash Projector
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Desktop Fish - Bubbaloo
Desktop Fish - Bubbaloo
This is cool Desktop Fish called Bubbaloo.

Bubbaloo is a fun and friendly fish that swims around your desktop.

The animation was created my MudBubble and put together using Jugglor by the FlashJester Development team.

For more information about customised Desktop Toys contact

Go to web page | Download

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Flash Development
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Yohagan Interactive Solutions

Yohagan Interactive Solutions
Interactive Markeing: We produce web sites, cd-roms, trade show and retail kiosks and multimedia presentation, as well as host.
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Ford Motor Company
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Flash tools Just want to share with others how your J-Start program saved the day for me. This is my third year placing the conference proceedings for the Florida Water Resources Conference onto CD in a book form. I use quite a few programs to do this (Flash, Illustrator, Photo Shop, MS Word, Adobe Acrobat and a few others). Last year I decided to use a flash movie to open up the CD. I had previously used Astound and was surprised to find that Flash cannot open a PDF. I had to call Flash tech support and ended up writing a quick Director file to do this (with the help of their tech support). This year I thought, "No Problem. I will just give the new file the same name as the old one, put it in the same relative place and it will work." NOT! After finding I would need to pay for a tech support call to Director I got online and found J-Start. As mentioned, I already have Director, but don't really use it and comparing the "one-time" cost for tech support to the purchase of your program, I decided to "go with the the Jester". The learning curve was not too intimidating and the one email I sent with a question was answered quickly. Thank you for giving me a quick and functional answer to my dilema with J-Start. The Proceedings on CD was very well accepted and I have been asked to carry on with the project next year. Flash tools
Jonathan Owen - Graphics & Visual Production - Hartman & Associates, Inc.
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