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creator screensavers

What People are saying about Creator

We have always said how great Creator is in

creating screen savers

  from your

projector files

, and we have always gone on about all it's features but you don't have to take our word for it....

Here are just a few examples of the nice things people have been saying about Creator.

Ding Bat

Creator is an entire wardrobe rolled into a sock drawer—your best bet for converting Flash files into stunning, byte-sized (we're talking extreme compression), sound-filled screensavers. Just generating Flash screensavers would be impressive enough, but Creator gets even fancier by letting you control the entire installation environment That includes customizing the shape and design of the setup boxes! Heck, you can even use your own handmade icons for your screensavers. One of Creator's snazziest dazzlements is its ability to bypass system settings and present Projector files at full screen. Wow!

CLC Flash Online

Creator is the best Flash-to-Screensaver software I've ever used. It is expensive to purchase but if you're creating screensavers for professional purposes, this is the one to use. As a bonus, the interface is similar to Jugglor so in essence once you've learned one software it's easy to pick up the other.

Allen L Hartle
The Media Experience LLC

Kick-Ass software! Made a customer out of me! Thanks!

Terry Hurley

Everything turned out GREAT because of you! Our client was going to run screen savers we built using your product at an upcoming trade show. We rushed the project to make the deadline and then, just when we thought we were in the clear, we run into the Win2K issue. Thanks for getting the update and new key to me so quickly. You guys are heroes.

David Smallwood

Cheers, and thanks for the prompt resolution of the problem.


Friendly, helpful, and done well that is how your product, faq, and forum all come across.

Danny Bolivar

I love how well Flash Jester compresses the source and keeps the file-size down considerably.

Joen Asmussen

"I am still amazed at the amount of features, the smooth installer, and the high general quality and performance of the Creator screensavers. A screensaver is an incredible goodie to offer from a website..."

Mathias Ruch

"Screensavers are cool - but did you know that creating them is as easy as filling out a form? Flashjester Creator is THE tool for you: easy interface, amazing functionalities and as a result, combined with Flash, professional screensavers! Creator is a bargain that you mustn't miss!" I like your Sitedesign very much, I just browsed the Html-section on Flashjester again and I love it: the pics naming the tools are great, compliments! We are going to do another screensaver in the near future for a sports company, we are looking forward to that. We'll be contacting you.

Steve Cahill
Hewlett-Packard Co

I was impressed with the ease of use and flexibility in setting up the screensaver through an interactive menu tree. The installer allows for a customize installer to be built so the end user can seamlessly install the saver on their PC.

Pete aka the Rock
Pandora Interactive Studio Pte Ltd

I would like to say that you guys have fast service, unlike another flash screensaver company who has disappointed us during the a very important project. BTW, your program is definitely much better than theirs. We enjoyed the ease of use and numerous ways of customisation. Thanks again.

Bob Cesca
Camp Chaos

FlashJester is the future of screen saver fun. You can't go wrong when combining Flash's small file size and interactivity with the novelty of screensavers. Awesome!


This is the kind of program where you'll probably never open the help file, because you won't need it.

Flash Projector
Flash Projector
Flash Projector
Flash Projector
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Mano One Screen Saver
Mano One Screen Saver
The people at Mano One used all their expert skills in Flash to create this outstanding screen saver. Featuring examples of their artwork, cool music and a brilliant demonstration of using 3D in the form of a virtual room make this screen saver a must for download.


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C4 Studios Inc.

C4 Studios Inc.
C4 Studios is a post-production and VFX (visual effects) company dealing with all aspects of film and television special effects / editing / production / creative & design. It is run by John Watson and Jonathan Gibson.
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Allen L Hartle - The Media Experience LLC
What people are saying about us
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