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What people are saying about Jugglor

We have always said how great Jugglor is, and we have always gone on about all its features but you don't have to take our word for it....

Here are just a few examples of the nice things people have been saying about Jugglor.

Tommy Oddo
Oddo Design

Perfect! And thank you for such a cool product! Tommy

Alex Newbery

Congratulations on a FAN-BLOODY-TASTIC piece of software (Jugglor) - I'm soooo impressed.

York Gibson

Hi There Thank you very much indeed - bug fixed! This has been one of the most impressive and thoroughly pleasant experiences of customer support I have ever come across - astounding! Steve Jobs' bunch could learn a thing or two from you guys Thanks again York Gibson Director - hedgeapple

Simon Heard

File protection. Woohoo!!!! You guys rock!!! I am soooooooo happy!!!! Yeeha! Yeeha!

Floyd Wray

Just a quick note. Though I am otherwise adlepated at the political craziness of the presidential election, the bright spot in my day was the 2.1 upgrade. FOR FREE. FJ has been one of my favorite software packages for a couple of years now. You continue to improve the product. Your affection for your customer base is obvious. Border skins IS A GREAT IDEA! You guys top the list

Deborah Ostrowski

I just have to compliment you guys! Jugglor is the most logically organized software program I've ever purchased - it's amazing! You guys have put a lot of thought into how the average person would use the program, the wizard-like interface is extremely well planned (I could probably even teach my mother to do this:) I was kind of confused the first couple of hours - I didn't expect the process to be as "automated" as it was, I thought it would be a lot more difficult. But then I followed the advice from the forums and downloaded a couple of examples and instantly the pieces fell into place! (I just don't get the people on the forums - you guys practically beg them to look at the examples - of course they don't and then they keep asking the most stupid questions?!?) When I ordered Jugglor the other day it was only out of desperation because SWF Studio couldn't do what I needed, I really didn't think I was going to get my money's worth. I now realize that $400 is a really, really good price for something that does so much! Plus, it has a really big "Gee Whiz" factor involved with it! I absolutely love the buttons (and I don't normally get impressed with that kind of thing). I'm even beginning to like the Jester guy - he kind of creeped me out at first:) Of course, the most important thing is that I'm 80% finished with my cd and still have 2 days to finish it -YEAH!! I have to tweak my windows a little bit, that's why I purchased ProWeb last night. With the help of Jugglor, my finished cd is going to make me look very impressive:-) Anyway, thanks again for your quick customer support after my purchase of Jugglor. You and your product have really impressed me (btw, I have never written to a software company because I was impressed with their product -I'm usually the person writing to complain about something!)

John M. Packes Jr.

Hey thanks for the email. Yea I have to say that I am thrilled that I happed upon your stuff Ė it was originally to show a flash projector across dual monitors, I didnít expect to get this much with it! This whole additional files in one exe is huge, I cant wait to use it more. Just to wrap up, I was able to put a flash projector with three FLVs, each about 150 MB, and they run exceptionally well off of CD-ROM. Client is thrilled, and I look like a hero.

Preston Thomas
Pixel Project - South Africa

I would just like to thank your team for a wonderful product. Thank you for all the service and support you have been giving as well as the continued upgrades and bug fixes of the program. As a devnet subscriber to macromedia your flash jester tools have been invaluable with our installations at museums in South Africa. The tool has helped us achieve explaining our rich history through unique User Interface Physical devices. The response to our exhibits has been overwhelming. Thank you very much for helping us achieve this

Mark Evans

That's cracked it ! I had a feeling it was a simple thing to sort out - but when I've been staring at the code for so long, I can't see the wood for the trees :-) Thanks very much for sorting the errors of my ways - your help and assistance swift and true and always and much appreciated.

Floyd Wray

IT WORKS. Thanks! I ram my poor, balding head against software, almost daily. The last problem I notified you concerning you fixed it immediately. That you're still operating under such a mandate, to remedy as quickly as possible, puts you at the top of the pack in my books. Please consider conducting customer-service classes for companies like Microsoft.

Danuta Baran-Tait

WOW! Ė Thanks for the LOCAL% info Ė it worked a treat and the CD is just excellent, Iím most impressed by your program (even though you guys canít spell on some of your instructions on the front of the program) the coding and software is top notch. You have always replied to my requests for help and it works!!!!!!! Again many thanks Ė what a great program!!!!

Flash Fugitive

For many years now, Jugglor has been an undivided part of our daily work. As company specializing in developing CD applications , trainings, kiosks, presentations, portfolios, high-end product demos, games etc, it was necessary to overcome Flash limitations and demanded on such competitive market that we deliver highest quality products possible. Jugglor and other utilities from FlashJester fulfil all the needs. Beside great working experience it provided the most important factor in developing our company - the client satisfaction. When we could not wish or expect more, the team of FlashJester introduced Jugglor in its second incarnation. It was eye opening experience and ideas for endless new possibilities. Totally overwhelming new features which widen up our range of services almost immediately. Better Performance, more options, more customization, simply more professional. If you can do for living what you love and enjoy you should consider yourself lucky, we know we are. Jugglor gave us many more possibilities helping directly in allowing continue of our work. It's crucial that we can offer more, the times where business might not be as good as one wished it is the break that every one needs. Looking forward to explore other products and keep close eye on FlashJester new solutions. Your Number 1 Fan and very satisfy customer.

Peter Witham
Internet and Multimedia developer

Using Jugglor enables me to build and deliver products to my clients with aprofessional appearance and stability. The features within the Jugglor application allow me to move Flash content beyond the standard Flash player and in to the mainstream application Market. Best part is it's all true! Really appreciate the time you take to get it right. It's pretty rare amongst companies these days for you to consider the users wishes rather than what fits your development budget.


All of your Flashjester tools have brought our products to a new level. The software is easy to use and is compatidible with all our flash files, it's nice to see an flash based company being innovative.

Richman, Janis D.
Baker Robbins & Company

I'll take a look. I purchased jugglor and love it. You guys have great service!!!!!!!!!

Chris ETLtd

Well you will happy to hear that I have finally purchased a FlashJester product, "Jugglor". It's simply fantastic. Outshines any competition that I've tried and believe me I've tried alot, hence why I kept sending you guys numerous questions regarding your product range. If Jugglor's anything to go by then I'm sure that your Creator will be just as good. Something I aim to purchase shortly.

Ian Watson
Inkey Technologies

Thanks very much for the prompt and informative response. Will definitely be registering Jugglor.


If you look into case studies of the most successful games/promos etc. (depends what execution you are after)... You will find that 9 out of 10 developers have used Jugglor, by Flashjester. Flashjester were one of the earlier third party developers and have fine tuned a user friendly, bug free tool...

Frank Delporte

Hello my friend ;-) I was not intending to buy the Jugglor, but now I've seen what you can do with it, you just convinced me to pull the visa-card ... :-) Greetings,

Eric Hunsperger
51 Seconds

You guys rock. This is the 12th major CD-ROM project that I have used your products on. This time I needed the power of Jugglor and JnetCheck to add the functionality the client was looking for, hit a snag, and you guys set me straight, even sending corrected code! All in a timely fashion that didnít impact deadlines at all. Iíll say it again, you guys rock!

Alan Cantes

What a brilliant bit of software by the way, incredibly useful - thanks.

Ding Bat

With Jugglor you'll be outfitted for a Flash-based summer circus. Serious clowning only, offers this stylish Flash Projector editor. It gives you nearly unlimited control over your stand-alone Flashworks. It has all the cool stuff Macromedia left out. With more than a few digital tricks up its sleeve, Jugglor jiggles your Projector file so you can have it your way. Does everything from dumping unsightly menus to disabling a screensaver to keep it from disrupting the show.

CLC Flash Online

The Best Projector Manipulation Software on the market today. Combines all your files into 1 executable, offers compression, icon replacement, cursor manipulation and more. Ideal unless the total size of your project is over 10-20 MB; every time you launch a juggled file it is copied to your temp drive and decompressed.

Scott MacKenzie

Thank you, support. Bought the licence, using the product, and dancing in the office after successfully creating something I am very happy with. Great feeling - thanks FJ.

Kurt Suchomel
Kurrent Interactive, Inc

Hi! Just wanted to say that I love your products. I use Jugglor for the PC version of the video game Magnurt (

Klaus-Peter Werner
IQhigh Kopfarbeit

Jugglor is the best of supertool for my Flash applications. Itīs very very helpful.

Carl R Hansen
American Technical Publishers, Inc

Hello FlashJester Support Team, Thanks for the follow up on this question. I am very surprised to see that you actually took my needs into consideration when developing the updated version of Jugglor. There are not many companies that take the time to address issues that their customers have, and I sincerely appreciate your efforts. I'll try to test this new feature you described. This is beneficial to me because I want to imbed my text files (which are small in size) to protect the data, but at the same time keep the JPG images outside of the Juggled file to minimize the file size of the final EXE. Thanks again for taking the time to address this issue. I will not hesitate to express my gratitude to fellow Flash developers so that they can benefit from your excellent product as well.

Klaus Junge

Hello,I really like JUGGLOR. It makes my flash creations work reliable and solid. My pupils can`t manipulate anything...

Mile Smitran

Sometimes I have horrible nightmares, that all that jugglor jester stuff was just a joke and I have to learn director... My god, I feel so guilty by pretending beeing a programmer, not doing the hard way, enjoying the nice flashed way...well, just kidding.

Andries van der Leij

First of all let me say that your product has really improved our work since we started using it. It really transformes an ordinary flash standalone in a "real" piece of software, a slick little app. It's amazing how much more excited our clients are since we started using it!

Floyd Wray
Realtime Communications

Thanks for your prompt attention. I downloaded the revised update over the weekend. It works perfectly. I'd already concluded Jugglor was a cool program. Now ... I see that it's got first rate support, as well. Thanks.

Rob Fershtman
Virtual Marketing Services

Thank you. I LOVE JUGGLOR !!!! That has taken the standalone player entirely to the next level.

Murray Media

I have all your stuff, you guys F---ing rule! peace

FranÁois Lanctot
Silex creations inc.

Yes, the project is almost finished, and we were very happy with your tools. I don't think there is any comparable product on the market. Very useful


FlashJester Jugglor is awesome!

Dale Cunningham

Thank you. I love it. I am making stand-alone movies for my family and they are IMPRESSED LOL Dale

Ootworld Media Design Agency

Dear Flashjester, Compliments for great tool of Jugglor and Jshappor!

David Leihgeber
Transact Mortgage Services

I see. I guess I'm set, then. You have a great program. I purchased a canned Flash presentation from Flash to Go and found that it was formatted specifically for web apps only. I was able to easily adapt their files for my CD business card, and I had zero Flash knowledge before hand

Scott Hamlin
Flash 4 Magic

FlashJester offers serveral excellent third-party tools for Flash, including Jugglor.


With Jugglor you'll be outfitted for a Flash-based summer circus. Serious clowning only, offers this stylish Flash Projector editor. It gives you nearly unlimited control over your stand-alone Flashworks. It has all the cool stuff Macromedia left out. With more than a few digital tricks up its sleeve, Jugglor jiggles your projector file so you can have it your way. Does everything from dumping unsightly menus to disabling a screensaver to keep it from disrupting the show.

Jeremy Merritt - Web Application Developer
High Performance Systems, Inc

Jugglor has enabled us to create an engaging, interactive demo for our software products that looks very professional and offers functionality that would have taken months to develop in-house. Jugglor allowed us stable and professional functionality that would have been buggy and sloppy looking if we had used the stand-alone Flash player. Up to speed time was quick with Jugglor, which was a welcome benefit in the often fast-paced development cycles of the software industry. Thanks Flash Jester!

Chris Edwards
:)Smilie Ltd

Jugglor gave us an edge in Flash that we would not have had on that platform without it. It allowed rapid CD based multimedia development at a professional quality - and wasn't hard to get to grips with! A great package. I can recomend it to anyone that uses flash seriously, and needs the edge with rapid development on CD based multimedia.

Hans W. Rudolph III
The Chapman Group

I think its great!!

Ian Bailie
Liquidworld - Digital Design

The main features of Jugglor work well and are quick and easy to use. The ability to change the icon and brand the version information is particularly useful.

Jim Mcniven - Chief Monkey

flash jugglor is Kerb's favourite product for customising flash exe's. it enables us to give our flash work the polished look of an standalone application, whilst removing huge chunks off the file size.

Andrew Vester - Studio Technical Director
the internet solution

Jugglor is great! - it creates smaller projectors with more functionality than the Macromedia version


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Desktop Derek will sit on your computer screen and give you an indication of the current weather conditions around Wales. It is free. Created by BBC Wales New Media with FlashJester Jugglor v2.

To read more about the Desktop Derek click here to read the case study.

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Flash tools Great Job!! Thanx so much. As I try to make my way through Jugglor & all of the Jtools I find myself happy that I made the purchases! Keep up the great work! Flash tools
- MotionHouse Inc
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