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Jugglor v3.0 logo

Jugglor Updates

Here's what's new in Jugglor v3.0

Microsoft Vista Compatible

Adobe Flash CS3 Compatible

NEW Scripting support

  using Classes/Events using Action script 2 and 3 - Event Driven Scripting Model

NEW Security feature

  - Direct Read file - Now any Additional File can be directly read from the Juggled exe, no need to extract to the hard drive Brand New GUI (Graphical User Interface)

Allows you to

auto creation

  of MX, MX 2004, Flash 8 and CS3 Projector files from a SWF file. For non Flash and Flash users.


  now supports 32 buttons

Auto Confirm Printing

  - Removes the Print Dialog box and prints directly. No user interaction required.

CUSTOMISE- Expiration Message

  - Change the font, background color and size.

CUSTOMISE - Message during extract

  - Change the progress bar and text color and font

Advance Multi monitor Support

  - Combine pairs of monitors

Support Vista 256x256 icons

Added support for

Wide screen 16:9

  (and other) ratios in full-screen sizes

Stretch Movie to Fit Window

  - Useful for Projector devices and Plasma screens

Added English(United States) language support

  in the Version Info section

Added Root Access

  support i.e. \\Computer\ShareName\Directory\File. using the prefix root%

Supports Vista Manifest MT.EXE

  from Visual Studio 2005 which allows you to Manifest files by un checking the Use Compressed Engine option


  to support the new changes in scripting

Many others bugs have been fixed

Jugglor 2.2 Build C

Windows Keys and ExitOnEsc are now forwarded to the flash.
You can trap the Windows Keys on Exit on Escape. For the projector engine, the 'trapallkeys' must be activated from the flash.
Preview when browsing Border Skin File
Now it's much easier to preview the 100+ border skin files *.bsk that come with Jugglor

Added Progress bar on Message during extraction

Enabled ends uses to the file extraction progress

Improved speed of file extraction

Increase the speed of the file extraction when Juggled files are run. Benefits those user who use large files in the Additional Files section

Protect your Flash files from Hackers

You can protect your SWF from hackers by loading them in memory rather than the user hard drive. more info

Improved Multi monitor Support

You can now maximise to ALL of the Multi monitors you have connect. Including Desktop Toys. more info

New CDROM% Command

Now have instant access to your files stores on the CDROM. more info

Skin your Flash files

You can now apply your own custom border skin files to your Flash files

Setup Settings

Disable Tab Key

Jugglor v2.2

Click here to see the features

Upgrading existing user from 1.1 to 2.2

All existing users can upgrade to 1.1. If an email hasn't been sent to you telling about the upgrade then please click here.

New in Jugglor 1.1d

Read and Write to the Windows Registry
Using the LOADMOVIE command with Jugglor
Using the LOADVARIABLE command with Jugglor
Improvments and bug fixes

New in Jugglor 1.1c

Bugs Fixed
Flash MX support!
XP support
Smarter Current Directory
Improved engine performance
Dragging improved
Icons support improved
Opening files on networks
Sound card muted in Win2000
Improved hiding the Taskbar
Memory error
Other minor bugs were also fixed.
Foreground bug
Better support for JPrintor
NEW Features
CTRL F key is now blocked.
Disables all hot keys and all combinations.
Support the POST command.
Minimize button has now been added to the right click menu (optional)
Ability to select default Macromedia right click menus.

New in Jugglor 1.1b

Power to Specify Directory
Use current directory as the root! With our JTools, you can specify the directory in which the Juggled file is run from in order to use it as root directory. This is done using the LOCAL% command. This feature is now in Jugglor and activated by simply selecting the option in the setup.
Minor Bugs Squashed
We have fixed a few minor bugs in Windows 2000 that some of you brought to our attention.

Minimise Button Added

You can now add the option Minimise on the right click menu if you wish.

Here's what's new in Jugglor 1.1

Authenticode Support
FlashJester Jugglor now supports Authenticode. Authenticode is currently the only method of signing code that is used or downloaded from the Internet that proves its authenticity, and this is still a feature simply not possible with a plain Projector file.
Smooth Runnings
This latest version also runs a lot more smoothly on a Windows NT server as well as all other platforms. This is due to the fact that we have rewritten parts of the engine to enhance this.

Password Protection

You are now able to password protect your Juggled files. This can be a useful feature when placing files on the web, which is an open source, but you only want certain people to be able to access the files. Within Jugglor's setup you can also specify the prompts that the user will see when asked to enter the password and also if they enter an incorrect password.

Edit File Info

File version information can now also be edited within Jugglor, meaning the information that is found in the properties dialogue box, and was previously dominated by Macromedia information can now be manipulated to make the Juggled file 100% your own.

Interact with It or Drag It Previous versions of Jugglor gave you either a choice of interacting with the Projector file, or being able to drag it across the screen. Now you can do either, or both, allowing you even more flexibility with what you can do.

Disappearing Cursor

You can now choose to hide the cursor, hence stopping it from appearing over the top of the Projector file if it is not needed when Juggling a presentation or the like.

Windows 2000 Compatibility

Jugglor now fully supports Windows 2000, so you will have no worries about compatibility what so ever.

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Flash Projector
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