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What Jugglor can do

"Jugglor can do so much for your Projector files, but what exactly can you do with Jugglor?"

When Jugglor was first released, this question was asked on a regular basis. And people answered. In fact, Mike from Texas had so many ideas, we decided to honor his list here to inspire others. There are so many uses for Jugglor and here are just 35 of them:
  • Fullscreen animated intros for applications
  • E-Cards
  • High graphic quality video tape movie intros - since it is fullscreen just output and record to VCR, add soundtrack and voice-over and viola!
  • proposals for website, graphic work, etc.
  • Educational Software - math, science, English, etc.
  • Art portfolios - clipart, illustration, personal art, etc.
  • Slideshows - art, of realty for sale, promotional city tours, medical based slides
  • Catalogues
  • Tutorials - walk you through an application step by step (chow's)
  • Pre-production movie storyboards - since Flash lends itself to quick vector illustration
  • Virtual Pets
  • Personal Popup Reminders - remember important dates, birthdays, anniversaries if you can set Flash to launch at certain time intervals
  • Product billboards ( banners ) - smaller version of electronic catalogue, advertising just one product
  • Website Link / Walkthroughs - website builder could demonstrate to client their new website or someone could walk a potential client through websites built for others. Also keeps graphics safe until ready to be released to client
  • Fullscreen Websites - no ActiveX Control needed
  • Multimedia Games

      - thanks to Flash 4 interactivity
  • Family Albums - create animated bodies with photo heads of your family
  • Multimedia Applications

  • CD Autoruns / splashscreen
  • Installer Splash Screens / Frontends
  • CD ROM based applications - now apps are fullscreen, professional and yours
  • Kiosks
  • Call other applications - a single menu for a group of apps someone has downloaded from your site as you have to collect them all to make menu work!
  • Electronic Newsletters - email monthly or daily to subscribers
  • Downloadable website - i.e. someone could look at the site on or offline. Looks the same either way though offline looks better without all the buttons and browser clutter
  • Recipe Books - with an animated Galloping Gourmet
  • Digital Resume - use JAVI to present an intro by you then go to Jugglor file
  • Electronic Travel Brochure - with animated map, walkthrough of sites to visit
  • Electronic Business Card - use JAVI to include talking head of self on the card
  • Chat With Barney or some cartoon character - with Flash4 chat capability a child could chat online with a cartoon character, etc.
  • Animated Electronic Books
  • Electronic Help files
  • Electronic Animated Comic Books - where the characters move
  • Learn to....series
    Learn to Sign
    Learn To Type
    Learn To etc.
  • Online game using chat client
We'd like to thank Mike in Texas for all of these. Good man!
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Flash Projector
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RedM ScreenMate
RedM ScreenMate
Atmosphere, the interactive unit of the BBDO-group, have created the RedM ScreenMate, yes the one from MM's.

The Red MM will walk along your task showing you the latest movie currently showing, which is updated regular using Flash. Try dragging him.

It just took them 2 weeks to complete. Please read the case study for further information.

Well done guys.

Go to web page | Download

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Kessler Visual Communications
Kessler Visual Communications and our internet and multimedia division, Electronic Hype, services local, regional and national communications needs through highly creative yet practical means.
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