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Jugglor v3.0

Top Reasons for getting a Jugglor of Your very own

Projector Power Overrules OCX

Jugglor is the ONLY tool that uses the

Projector file

  as the

Flash player

, while the competition uses the OCX control. So what does that mean? We'll tell it to you straight. Preview window lets you see step by step creation of border scheme.
  • It means you don't have to distribute anything else with your app, since the

    Flash Player

      is built-in. Forget bulky applications like you get with OCX and VB runtime with DLL slipped inside of it. This means fewer headaches for you and your end users.
  • Here's an example: Let's say you distributed your app using a tool other than Jugglor and have the

    Flash MX OCX

      control inside. Fine so far.

    Flash CS3

      comes out and there is a new plugin. Your end users are using Flash CS3 and they run your app with the Flash MX plugin. It overwrites their Flash CS3 plugin. Oops. They ring your tech support and yell "HELP!"
  • Using Jugglor and the projector gives you peace of mind and gives your end users no reason to fret. No matter what

    Flash Plugin

      your users have, your Juggled file will not interface with their system settings.
  • You would only really use a

    SWF file

      in Jugglor to use the Transparency feature, as the projector file doesn't allow for this.

More Speed

You get faster playback with Projectors. If you're using the Flash OCX control, then your animation is running slower than it has to. For example, a 30 FPS movie looks like 24 on OCX. Go full speed ahead with Jugglor.

Bye, Bugs

Those reported pesky bugs in the

Flash Plugin

  cause memory leaks and more. Jugglor ensures a great Projector file show every time.
QuotesQuotes: offers this stylish Flash Projector editor. It gives you nearly unlimited control over your stand-alone Flash development. It has all the cool stuff Macromedia left out. - Editor, Ding Bat

Jugglor is the best supertool for my Flash applications. -- Klaus-Peter Werner - IQhigh Kopfarbeit

The Original and Still the Leader

Jugglor broke onto the scene 4 years ago, and it has built quite a following through the years. FlashJester was the first to offer a tool like this, and Jugglor still sets the standard today. It is stable, tried and tested, so you can count on a brilliant performance every time. And the innovations keep on coming. Companies that want an edge choose Jugglor. From small, one-person shops to worldwide industry leaders, Jugglor is their choice for maximising Projector development power. Don't just take our word for it -- see who's using Jugglor and what they're saying.
If you look into case studies of the most successful games/promos etc. (depends what execution you are after)... You will find that 9 out of 10 developers have used Jugglor, by Flashjester. Flashjester were one of the earlier third party developers and have fine-tuned a user friendly, bug free tool... -- infokill

We've been using Jugglor since its inception. FlashJester provided the most robust, cost effective tools and we still enjoy their benefits today. -- David A. Bailey, The Aura Group

Smallness Rules

Here's the time when bigger is not better. With Jugglor you can create smaller applications thanks to special compression techniques that are applied to the final Projector. How small are we talking ? Say the average Flash MX Projector is 807KB, then put it through Jugglor and it will be 602KB. Just wait until you experience Jugglor's amazing small apps!
If you look into case studies of the most

successful games/promos

  etc. (depends what execution you are after)... You will find that 9 out of 10 developers have used Jugglor, by FlashJester. FlashJester were one of the earlier third party developers and have fine-tuned a user friendly, bug free tool... -- infokill

Stellar Support

You can count on FlashJester for comprehensive support options. Got a Jugglor question ? There's more than one way to get an answer! We offer three.
  • Our tech support team is available via email or phone, 5 days a week,s sometimes 7 days a week. With FlashJester tech support, you get expert advice from knowledgeable people who know all the tricks.
  • We also offer the FlashJester Forum , a discussion board for you to post questions and get answers. It's moderated by FlashJester and is open for everyone to participate.
  • And last but not least, there's the Support FAQ section on the FlashJester site filled with common product questions and answers. It's available in PDF format, so you can download your own copy for future reference.
All of our support services are free. So start Juggling those Projectors and know that if you've got a question, you have instant access to our Support FAQ, the Forum and our live, tech support team that's only an email or phone call away.
Thanks for your prompt attention. I downloaded the revised update over the weekend. It works perfectly. I'd already concluded Jugglor was a cool program. Now ... I see that it's got first rate support, as well. Thanks. -- Floyd Wray - Realtime Communications

You guys rock. This is the 12th major CD-ROM project that I have used your products on. This time I needed the power of Jugglor and JNetCheck to add the functionality the client was looking for, hit a snag, and you guys set me straight, even sending corrected code! All in a timely fashion that didn't impact deadlines at all. I'll say it again, you guys rock! -- Eric Hunsperger - 51 Seconds

Uncluttered GUI for Easy Access

Jugglor's wizard-like interface reigns far above what the competition offers. With its graphical user interface, all you need is 1 to 2 hours to get up to speed and you'll be off and Juggling. This easy learning curve is unique to Jugglor. Information is presented in a logical, uncluttered format that's easy to follow and move through. Current Jugglor users love the speed they can move through the program. With Jugglor, the game's all about getting down to business with your Projectors.
Up to speed time was quick with Jugglor, which was a welcome benefit in the often fast-paced development cycles of the software industry. Thanks Flash Jester! -- Jeremy Merritt - Web Application Developer - High Performance Systems, Inc

Sometimes I have horrible nightmares, that all that Jugglor and Jester stuff was just a joke and I have to learn Director... My god, I feel so guilty by pretending to be a programmer, not doing the hard way, enjoying the nice flashed way...well, just kidding. --Mile Smitran

Full Windows and Flash Support including Vista and CS3

Whatever version of Flash or Windows you run, we have you covered. Jugglor and ALL FlashJester products support Flash 3/4/5/MX/MX 2004/8/CS3 and Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista. So whatever your choice is, Jugglor is ready to work with it.
[FlashJester] products are very stable. I tested my final product on about eight PC configurations and every feature worked the first time. -- John Timble, Thermal Studios

The Supporting Cast

Just when you thought you'd done everything with Jugglor, along come the JTools to bring more functions and features to your

Projector files

. These 10 little helper apps may just steal the show. Check them out: JAvi, JEmail, JHelpor, JMovie, JNetCheck, JPrintor, JSave, JShapor, JStart and JWeb.
JShapor makes a nice little custom intro that looks really pro, compared to a CD-rom without a splash screen. It was pretty easy to use as well. Jmovie also provides a very liquid experience for the user… -- Kessler Visual Communications' Electronic Hype.

Dedicated to Flash Development

At FlashJester, product development is an ongoing process. In fact, it's not always easy to get a product out the door as the ideas keep on coming and we want to add this and do that to make it better.. After we launch a product, we're already thinking about ways to improve it. We get our users involved with Beta testing so we can get insight and ideas from the people who use our products. We listen to our users, so we can learn about what functions, features and capabilities they want. Working to improve our existing products is as key to us as creating new ones.
I am very surprised to see that you actually took my needs into consideration when developing the updated version of Jugglor. There are not many companies that take the time to address issues that their customers have, and I sincerely appreciate your efforts. -- Carl R Hansen - American Technical Publishers, Inc

I was impressed at how they listened to product enhancement suggestions - Kurt Suchomel, Kurrent International

More than You Imagined

What are people creating with Jugglor? The possibilities are really endless, but you can get some ideas from these Jugglor fans. (NOTE: I recommend bolding the word(s) that says what people are using it for).
Hi! Just wanted to say that I love your products. I use Jugglor for the PC version of the video game Magnurt ( -- Kurt Suchomel - Kurrent Interactive, Inc

...It really transforms an ordinary flash standalone in a "real" piece of software, a slick little app. It's amazing how much more excited our clients are since we started using it! -- Andries van der Leij - MetroStation

Thank you. I love it. I am making stand-alone movies for my family and they are IMPRESSED. LOL, Dale. -- Dale Cunningham

You have a great program. I purchased a canned

Flash presentation

  from Flash to Go and found that it was formatted specifically for web apps only. I was able to easily adapt their files for my CD business card, and I had zero Flash knowledge before hand. -- David Leihgeber - Transact Mortgage Services

I [wanted] to build a

Flash clip

  art browser application -- John Timble, Thermal Studios

Now we can create interactive CDs. -- C4Studios

Jugglor has enabled us to create an engaging, interactive demo for our software products that looks very professional and offers functionality that would have taken months to develop in-house. -- Jeremy Merritt - Web Application Developer - High Performance Systems, Inc

Carl Sandburg College in Galesburg, IL used Jugglor to create a marketing campaign to attract new students and make a college course catalog on CD.

Jugglor gave us an edge in

Flash Multimedia that we would not have had on that platform without it. It allowed rapid CD-based multimedia development at a professional quality - and wasn't hard to get to grips with! -- Chris Edwards - :)Smilie Ltd

So, that's the FlashJester's take on its star performer Jugglor. It's possible (but highly unlikely) that the FlashJester is a bit biased, so try out the Jugglor demo firsthand and see for yourself.
Flash Projector
Flash Projector
Flash Projector
Flash Projector
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Desktop Derek - BBC Wales
Desktop Derek - BBC Wales
Desktop Derek will sit on your computer screen and give you an indication of the current weather conditions around Wales. It is free. Created by BBC Wales New Media with FlashJester Jugglor v2.

To read more about the Desktop Derek click here to read the case study.

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ATMOSPHERE - An Online Agency of the BBDO Network
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